QHRRP 3000-003

Abuse of Employees and Contractors


Responsible committee
Rules and Regulations 13 May 2024
QHYCC employees and contractors cannot…

  • be required to attend to any personal matters or business of property owners.
  •  accept part-time employment from a property owner if it creates a conflict of interest with their duties as an Association employee or contractor.

Note:  If an employee contractor does accept part-time employment from a property owner, the Association assumes no responsibility or liability for any work or injury associated with such part-time employment.

Verbal or physical abuse
Verbal and/or physical abuse of an employee or contractor will NOT be tolerated.

Note:  If a property owner (or their guest) has been verbally or physically abused by a QHYCC employee or contractor, immediately notify the Property Manager.

All incident reports will be reviewed by Board of Directors (BOD).
These fines will be levied against any property owner (or their guests) who verbally or physically abuses an employee or contractor…

If the property owner…. then the property owner will be fined…
is found by the BOD to be at fault $100
fails to respond to a violation notice $100
fails to appear before the BOD when scheduled $100

MAY 2024