QHSORM 3000-009

Alcoholic Beverages in the Community Center Complex


Responsible committee
Rules and Regulations 13 May 2024
Community center complex
The “community center complex” includes…

Facilities Grounds
Multipurpose room Parking lot
Lanai Tennis courts
Tennis pro shop Pool
Fitness center Pool deck
Offices and restrooms Volleyball court
Soccer fields


Property owners and tenants may bring their own alcoholic beverages into the community center complex, provided…

  • no fee is charged for the alcoholic beverage service or the event.
  • alcoholic beverages are in unbreakable containers.

Note:  Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in the fitness center.

Times allowed
Alcoholic beverages are only allowed in the Community Center Complex between 9:00am and 10:00pm.
Property owners and tenants may reserve the multipurpose room and/or lanai by contacting the POA office.
Property owners, tenants and their guests are expected to always exhibit reasonable and proper behavior.  Offenders will be required to leave the complex.
Violations may result in a fine being levied against the offending property owner by the Association.

MAY 2024