QHSORM 4000-010

Bar Codes


Responsible committee
Controlled Access   13 May 2024
Types of bar codes
There are two types of bar codes used to access the resident entry gate amenity…

  • Decals displayed on the driver side, rear window.
  •  Handheld.
Who can have bar codes?
Here is a list of people who are eligible for bar codes…

  • Property owner
  • Tenant (Home renter)
  • Non-resident (Family member – sponsored by property owner)
  • Non-resident (Tennis)
  • Non-resident (Marina)
  • Golf and Country club employees
Bar code expiration
All bar codes expire April 30th annually.  Property owner bar codes renew automatically.
Handheld bar codes rules
Handheld bar codes are limited to only residents or tenants…

  • that are in the business of buying and/or selling cars where their drive home vehicle changes frequently.  Driver’s license and proof of employment is required.
  • that have a rental car while their Queen’s Harbour-registered vehicle is being repaired.  The maximum duration of a temporary handheld bar code will be six (6) weeks.  Additionally, property owners or tenants are must…
    • provide a valid driver’s license.
    • prove the vehicle undergoing repairs has a current Queen’s Harbour bar code.
    • pay a fee of $10.00 for residents and $25.00 for tenants.
    • pay a deposit of $200.  When the temporary handheld bar code is returned to the POA office, the deposit will be refunded.
Vehicles with temp tags
Vehicles with a temporary tag that are eligible for a bar code can be issued a bar code with the normal fee and an additional $100.00 deposit.   When vehicle owner returns to the POA Office with the permanent registration and permanent license plate number, the deposit will be refunded.
Non-resident (Family member)
All non-resident (Family member – sponsored by property owners) bar codes will have an expiration date of April 30th annually.  Renewing a bar code will require the original sponsoring property owner to visit the POA office to confirm the renewal and make payment.
Selling your vehicle
Upon selling a bar coded vehicle, the bar code must be removed and the POA Office notified.
Use the below chart to determine fees.


Individual Barcodes Initial Barcodes Issued Initial Barcode Fee Barcode Renewal Fee (Annual) Additional Barcode fee
Property Owner 2 (Paid at closing) $0 $10
Tenant (Home Renter) 1 $25 $25 $25/each See Note
Non-resident (Family member – sponsored by property owner) 3 $25 each $25 N/A
Non-Resident Single (Tennis) 1 (included in fees) $0 $25
Non-Resident Family (Tennis) 2 (included in fees) $0 $25
Non-Resident 1 $25 $25 $25
Non-Resident (Marina) 2 (included in fees) $0 $25
Golf and Country Club Employees 1 $25 $25 $25
Note:  Only tenants listed on the lease or rental agreement and their children living the household of driving age with a vehicle are eligible to receive a bar code.
Where to get bar codes
The Property Owners Association (POA) office.  To assure trouble free use, Association employees will affix the bar codes in the correct position at the time of issuance.

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