QHSORM 6000-001

Marina and Harbour Policy


Responsible committee
Marina and Harbour 13 May 2024
CCRE Article XII
Our policy is to own and operate its on-site marina facility, known as the Queens Harbour Marina (the Marina) to enhance the quality of life and the value of homes of Association members.

As such, space availability, rental rates and operating procedures will be established in a manner such that the facility is not only attractive option for current Association members, but also attracts prospective property owners to Queens Harbour, while protecting the interests and rights of all property owners.

The Marina is considered to be a defining attribute and a primary amenity of the Queens Harbour Yacht and Country Club community. As a mooring site in a protected navigable waterway (the Harbour/Lock system) with access to the Intracoastal Waterway, it is a unique amenity which adds value to the community as a whole.  The Marina was purchased from the developer by the Association in December 2003.
In this section
This section covers the following topics.

Topic See MAP
General Marina Information 6000-005
Marina Slip Terms and Conditions 6000-010
Marina Slip Rental Priority 6000-015
Marina Slip Rental Availability 6000-020
Marina Slip Rental Assignment 6000-025
Marina Slip Rental Agreement Termination 6000-030
Marina Slip Rental Fee Collection Procedures 6000-100
Marina Slip Rental Fees 6000-105
Marina Slip Rental Fee Due Dates 6000-110
Marina Slip Rental Delinquent Accounts 6000-115
Marina Slip Rental Delinquent Account Notices – Property Owners 6000-120
Marina Slip Rental Delinquent Account Notices – Non-Resident 6000-125
Harbor Rules and Regulations 6000-200
General Harbour Information 6000-202
Entering the Lagoon and Lock Operations 6000-205
Boat Operations Within the Lagoon 6000-207
Regulations for Guests 6000-210
Courtesy Dock Outside Lock 6000-215
Lock Operating Hours 6000-220
Vessel Condition and State of Readiness 6000-225
Oil, Marine Heads and Bilges 6000-230
Repairs and Maintenance 6000-235
Swimming and Fishing 6000-240
Live Aboard 6000-245
Vessel Courtesy 6000-250
Commercial Operations 6000-255
Owner Registration and Insurance Requirements 6000-260
Advertising and Solicitation 6000-265
Walkway and Pier Safety and Security 6000-270
Lagoon Bank Erosion 6000-275
Private Dock Installation and Usage 6000-280
Temporary Mooring at a Private Dock 6000-285

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