QHRRP 6000-005

General Marina Information


Responsible committee
Marina and Harbour 13 May 2024
CCRE Article XII
Firefighting Equipment
Fire extinguishers are located at the end of each pier at The Marina.

Anyone discovering a fire should notify the Harbormaster and QH Access Control immediately.

Trash disposal
All garbage and trash must be bagged and placed in the receptacles provided. Batteries, oil, other petroleum products, paint cans and any other pollutants must be disposed of at an appropriate facility, and MUST NOT be placed the trash cans
Dock carts
Queen’s Harbour will provide manually operated dock carts for the convenience of owners and their guests at The Marina.  These carts must be returned to the designated areas after use.
Cold weather
In the event of freezing weather, the Harbormaster and his staff will take steps to protect the pier water system at The Marina.  Owners are responsible for protecting their vessels against cold weather.
Pets are only allowed if they do not disturb other boat owners and their guests. All pets must be leashed, toileted on commonly owned grass areas, and any excrement removed by the owner.
Dinghy storage
Dinghies must be stored on the respective vessels or in the areas designated by the Harbormaster.
The loading and unloading are at the dock shall be vacated as quickly as possible. The number of vehicles parked at the Country Club should be kept at a minimum.

MAY 2024