QHSORM 6000-010

Marina Slip Terms and Conditions


Responsible committee
Marina and Harbour 13 May 2024
CCRE Article XII
Slip rental terms and conditions
Slip Rental Terms and Conditions…

  • Slip Renters are subject to the Queen’s Harbour Yacht and Country Club Owner’s Association Harbour Rules and Regulations.
  • Terms and Conditions for slip rental are specified in a Slip/Space Rental Agreement. All Marina slip renters must sign and adhere to the Association’s Slip/Space Rental Agreement.
    • If any of the terms of the Association’s Slip/Space Rental Agreement conflict with the terms of the Policy, then the Agreement terms shall prevail
    • If a Slip Rental Agreement is terminated due to a vessel owner’s breach of any of the warranties, covenants, or agreements contained within the Slip Rental Agreement, the vessel owner may, within seven (7) days, appeal the matter to the Board of Directors.
  • All slip renters are required to pay a deposit equal to one month’s Slip Rental Fee, including the slip fee and Lagoon System Assessment, which is refunded when a slip is no longer rented and all liabilities associated with the slip rental are paid in full.
  • Slip Renters who violate Association General Rules and Regulations or Harbour Rules and Regulations (QHSORM 3000), or are delinquent in payment of Slip Rental Fees, are subject to revocation of their slip rental privileges (including the loss of lock usage) and may be required to remove their vessel from the Marina (See QHSORM 6000-100 Marina Slip Rental Fee Collection Procedures). The Board shall make the final determination with regard to penalties for Marina and Harbour rules violations not subject to the Fines and Appeals process.

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