QHSORM 6000-015

Marina Slip Rental Priority


Marina and Harbour 13 May 2024
CCRE Article XII
Property owner renter
The Marina is first and foremost for the benefit of current property owners.  Any property owner in good standing may apply for slip rental.
Non-Resident renter
This is the priority of Non-Resident Renters…


Priority Type Renter Comments
1 Tenant The right of the property owner to rent a slip also extends to their tenants if they lease their property.
2 Prior Property Owner Property owners who are slip renters at the time they sell their property may continue to rent slip space under the terms of a Non-Resident Slip Rental Agreement (at the current Non-Resident monthly rate) if their account is current, and the space is not needed for a current property owner.
3 Non-Resident Individual vessel owners who are not QH lot owners may rent a slip in the marina if there are slips available of the size that is appropriate for their vessel. Leases to non-owners are subject to approval by the Director responsible for the Harbour (or a member of the Executive Committee in the absence of the Director).
4 Short term Short term guests may rent a slip if space is available subject to the limitations for short term guests specified in the Queen’s Harbour Yacht and Country Club Owners Association Harbour Rules and Regulations


Note:  Slip renters in good standing who become Queens Harbour Property Owners during the rental period may convert their Slip Rental Agreement from Non-Resident to Property Owner status.

Sublease prohibited
Property owners leasing a slip are prohibited from subleasing slip.

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