QHSORM 6000-020

Marina Slip Availability


Responsible committee
Marina and Harbour 13 May 2024
CCRE Article XII
Slip availability
Slip Availability…

  • Current property owners and tenants in good standing have a priority on slip availability on a first-come first-serve basis.
  • Should there be a waiting list; slips will be offered in the order that the applications for slip rental were received, consistent with the size of the vessel and size of available slips.
  • Should a prospective slip renter on the waiting list decline a slip when offered, they may remain on the list, but their application will be placed at the end of the list at that time.
  • Should a slip leased to a non-owner be required to accommodate a current property owner, the displacement will be on the basis of “last in, first out” when possible. The non-property owner to be displaced will be given a minimum of one month to remove their vessel(s) from the Marina.
  • If a property owner sells his vessel to another property owner, the purchasing property owner is not entitled to the slip unless there is no one on the waiting list.
  • If a property owner sells his vessel with the intent to replace it with another vessel, he may retain his slip provided that the slip rental fee continues to be paid and that the new vessel will fit his/her slip or that suitable arrangements to exchange slips can be made with the Harbormaster.
Vessels leaving for extended absence
Slip Rights for Vessels Leaving for an Extended Absence.

  • Should a vessel owner leaving the Marina on a temporary basis want to retain continuing slip rental rights as specified in this policy, then the Marina slip fee must be paid for each month of the absence in accordance with the terms of the Slip/Space Rental Agreement.
  • Slip renters leaving the Marina for an extended absence and electing to stop slip rental payments during the vessel’s absence will be deemed to have terminated the Slip/Space Rental Agreement (See QHSORM 6000-030 – Marina Slip Rental Agreement Termination) and are required to settle their account prior to departure.
  • Slip availability and assignments for vessel owners that were slip renters and who elected to stop slip rental payments during an extended absence and subsequently request a return to the Marina will follow the priorities listed above and with the following exception: No slip renters (Non-Resident during their current contract period or Resident) will be displaced for a returning slip renter who has terminated their lease.

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