QHSORM 6000-030

Marina Slip Rental Agreement Termination


Responsible committee
Marina and Harbour 13 May 2024
CCRE Article XII
Provision for the Association’s termination of a Slip Rental Agreement will be specified in the Slip Rental Agreements and include…

  • change in lot ownership or tenant status.
  • sale of the vessel (Note 1).
  • abandonment of slip more than 30 days without prior notice of an extended absence (Note 2).
  • breach of the Agreement or Harbour Rules.
  • prior written notice of a minimum of one full calendar month, provided the account is current and the owner is not in breach or default of the agreement.


1.      If a vessel is sold, the one calendar month notice requirement is waived.

2.      The Owner’s Association reserves the right to the terminate lease agreement and proceed with appropriate collection action including legal remedies.

MAY 2024