QHSORM 7000-001

Amenity Policies and Procedures


Responsible committee
Amenities 13 May 2024
CCRE Article 1, Section 1.5
Our policy is to provide, administer and maintain certain facilities and services (Association Amenities) to enhance the quality of life and the value of homes.  Some components of these Amenities are considered to be basic and are funded by all property owners while services and programs above the basic components are funded on a Fee for Service basis.

It is also the policy of the Association to administer its Association Amenities on a fair and consistent basis.  As such, all Association Amenities will be evaluated and administered based on approved guiding principles that support the Vision and are consistent with the community’s governing documents.

Here are the amenities within Queens Harbour…

Facilities Grounds
Multipurpose room Parking lot
Lanai Tennis courts
Tennis pro shop Pool
Fitness center Pool deck
Offices and restrooms Volleyball court
Controlled access

See QHSORM 4000-001

Soccer fields
Architectural Review Board (ARB)

See QHSORM 5000-001


See QHSORM 6000-001

Golf and Country Club
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Topic See MAP
Amenity Administration Principles 7000-005
Amenity Tier Classifications 7000-010
Community Clubs 7000-115
Amenity – Pool and Pool Deck 7000-100
Swim Team Membership Program 7000-105
Non-Resident Swim Team Membership 7000-110
Amenity – Tennis Courts and Pro Shop 7000-200
Tennis Leagues and Teams 7000-205
Non-Resident Tennis Membership 7000-210
Amenity – Fitness Center 7000-300
Amenity – Soccer Field Usage 7000-400
Amenity – Golf and Country Club 7000-500

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