QHRRP 7000-205

Tennis Leagues and Teams


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Amenities – QH Tennis Director
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13 May 2024


CCRE Article 1, Section 1.5


Queen’s Harbor’s tennis teams strive to be a competitive force within the Jacksonville League community. We pride ourselves on camaraderie, teamwork, and sportsmanship.


Below are Queen’s Harbor’s guidelines for participation in League Tennis…


·  All members will be in good standing with their dues.

·  All members will follow the Tennis Club Code of Conduct.

·  All members will follow the Tennis Club Rules and Regulations.

·  All members will register on www.getcourtside.com.

·  All line ups will be done by the Director of Tennis and the team captain taking into the consideration the availability and the ability levels of all players.

·  Queen’s Harbor tennis leagues’ needs shall be reviewed per league season, the number of non-resident participants required to support competitive team/league play shall not exceed 50% ratio.

·  The Tennis Director and the Team Captain will create line-ups based on the strength of the available players.  The Director of Tennis will encourage players to play at their competitive level to ensure an active participation in league play.


Various leagues exist to provide competitive tennis team play. Teams are structured by skill levels or ages from highly skilled players to beginners or novice players. A minimum number of players are required on each team level in order to participate in league play. League play, as well as tournaments and other special events take precedence over any other tennis play.


Resident participation
Of the residents who actively utilize the tennis courts and programs, a significant number are competitive players involved in team/league play. Teams are formed to allow tennis playing residents to experience competitive tennis. In order for these residents to play competitively at their prescribed level, there is a fluctuating need for players from outside the community to fill the team rosters with players of equal ability.


Non-Resident participation
For many years the Association has allowed limited non-resident participation in the form of non-resident tennis memberships. Non-resident memberships have historically been capped at a prescribed number. For a monthly fee…


·  a non-resident individual membership allows the member use of the tennis facilities and

·  a non-resident family membership allows the member, spouse, and dependent children (maximum age of 22) use of the tennis facilities.

·  Non-resident members participate in team/league play and are vital to ensuring adequate numbers of players required to field a team when there are an insufficient number of residents at the appropriate skill level.  It is the intent of this policy to permit non-resident tennis memberships, for the sole purpose of maintaining the viability of competitive team/league play for interested Queen’s Harbor residents.


Combined teams
All teams may consist of both resident and non-resident members.  Captains and Co-Captains of each team are encouraged to equally balance the playing frequency of resident and non-resident team members throughout the course of the league season.