QHRRP 8000-001

Member and Board Meetings Policy and Procedures


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13 May 2024
ByLaws, Section III

FL Statute Title XL Chapter 720.306

In Florida, POAs are regulated by the Florida Homeowners Association Act found in Title XL Chapter 720.306 of the Florida Statutes. This act applies to all corporations responsible for community areas and membership is made up of parcel owners or their agents.
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Member Meetings 8000-005
Board of Director Meetings 8000-010
Committee Composition Policy 8000-015
Annual Meeting of Members 8000-100
Nominating Committee 8000-105
Meet the Candidates 8000-110
Election Ballots 8000-115
Election Tabulation Committee (ETC) 8000-120
Director Terms and Vacancies 8000-125
Suspension of Voting Rights 8000-130