QHRRP 8000-015

Committee Composition Policy


Review/update responsibility
Vice President
13 May 2024

QHRRP 1000-001 – QHYCC Organizational Structure

Committee and Subcommittee composition is as follows…

  • Each Primary Committee will be chaired by a Director plus four (4) members (Homeowners) totalling to no more than five (5) members, unless the Board of Directors approves an exception.  Members may only serve on one (1) Primary Committee and any time.
  • A Primary Committee Director may form a Subcommittee to advise and assist the Primary Committee.  The number of members is determined by the Director and can be dissolved at any time.

Note:  A member may not serve on more than two (2) Subcommittees at any time and a member who is a member of a Primary Committee cannot service on more than one (1) Subcommittee.

  • The Fines and Appeals Hearing Committee, which is not a Primary Committee is the responsibility of the Vice President and will consist of five (5) members chaired by a member designated by the Board of Directors.
Here are the eight (8) Primary Committees…

Primary Committee QRRP Responsibility
1 Communications 2000
2 Rules and Regulations 3000
3 Controlled Access 4000
4 Architectural Review Board (ARB) 5000
5 Marina and Harbor 6000
6 Amenities 7000
7 Finance 9000
8 Common Area Maintenance (Formally known as “Infrastructure”) 10000

Note:  QHRRP 1000 (General) and QHRRP 8000 (Member and Board Meetings Policy and Procedures) are the responsibility of the Vice President.

All Primary Committees and Subcommittee appointments will expire annually at the March BOD meeting.  Each Primary Committee Director will submit their nominees for the following year to the BOD for approval.