A Much Needed Break in the Heat




Praise God, the rainy season is here.  The last few nights we have not even used the fan at night; and we have actually had to start using a thin blanket later in the night.  By mid January we will most likely be saying “enough with the rain”, but for now it’s “Yeewho!”  As you can see boys still play even in the rain.

The wood decking between the court and the school has been completed.  Wow, what a wonderful improvement. Poco-o-poco (little-by-little) the C4C property is improving in functionality.  Each improvement results in cultivating a better teaching environment.

Due to some continuing minor vandalism, we hired a watchie for just over two months.  This was a good thing for two specific reasons.  Good because, with a watchie, the vandalism immediately stopped.  It was also good because it provided income to a local that really needed the work.

During the time we had the watchie we were able to find and hire a local contractor to install three strands of barb wire along the top of the fence that surrounds the school and court.  This was good for similar reasons.  It provided work for locals and it secured the property.  While it ended the need for a watchie it also allows us to use those funds for other needs.

The Honduran school year is nearing its end for 2017.  Most schools will end their year by mid November.  Casa de Luz ends its year on November 30.  Therefore, at Casa de Luz, Jamie and Ivonne have begun preparing the students for the year-end presentation to their parents and siblings.  Please pray for Casa de Luz.  Pray that the students are prepared for their year-end testing and that each is prepared to display what they’ve learned in the presentation.

A couple of months ago Jamie took on a private student (Maynor).  She’s only done this once before.  Many of you know her first private student, German (pronounced Herman).  German has gone on to continue improving his English which has led him to much better jobs that help him give more support to parents and siblings.



As a policy, Jamie normally does not do private students, mainly because she just doesn’t have the time. Maynor (pronounced Minor), like German, is an exception.

Jamie and I both have learned the hard lesson of allowing too many “good works” into our lives.

The number of worthy needs on this island literally can be overwhelming.  It really takes the guidance of the Holy Spirit to discern which ones to do and which ones to say no to.

The result of over committing to too many needs results, eventually, in frustration, exhaustion and in some cases total burn out.

Fortunately Jamie and I have a good support system.  Most importantly people pray for us.  We have friends in the States and friends here that pray and lend godly council to us which greatly helps us to better discern God’s will.

As a result, Casa de Luz has experienced another successful year of God’s Word being taught through English.  Relationships have grown and the fruit of the Spirit has been practiced.

Concerning the Court Boys, the Court Boys Bible Study is continuing to evolve.  Many boys are regulars and there is a continual rotation of new boys.  Boys, and young men, that are new players on the court.  Many are new to either the island or the Colonia.  Some are new to both.

As you are winding up your 2017 year we want to encourage you to reflect on how God has worked in your life this year.  What has He been preparing you for?

God is still calling.  Are you willing?  Will you serve with us through joining a mission team, praying, financially supporting the ministry and/or missionaries?  Will you stand in the gap?

Always, In Him, Ron and Jamie

These Last 5 Years!

Recently Jamie and I were reminiscing about our time thus far serving the Lord here in Roatan.  All the people we have met.  All the people we have developed relationships with.  All the people who have come on short term missions to serve along side of us and all the other missionaries that we have collaborated with in the Great Commission.

As all who serve the Lord, we have had many trials and tribulations.  Way more so we have the blessings of being here to experience not only what the Lord is doing through us but through those who serve with us and those that we are here to serve.  AND WE HAVE ONLY JUST BEGUN!

When we are asked the inevitable questions concerning how many salvations, baptisms, re-dedications and life changing experiences there have been, our answer is “Come see”.  If you have, come see again.  If you can’t come and see for yourself, ask those who have what they have seen.  We don’t keep ‘numbers’ of what God is doing, we witness it.

Those of us who serve here full-time and those who come on short term missions are just one part of the Body of Christ.

We cannot serve as God intends without those of the Body that pray for us, or those that provide the financial support for the material items, or the support of the missionaries.

Has all this made a difference?  Has the Kingdom of believers increased?  Are people being discipled in how to live Christ-like lives?  Come See.  Come see again, or ask someone who’s been.
God is calling.  Are you willing?  Will you serve with us through joining a mission team, praying, financially supporting the ministry and/or missionaries?  Will you stand in the gap?

Always, In Him, Ron and Jamie
Viviendo el Sueno.